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Ruby disappointment

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I have been trying to port some work I've done in Java to Ruby, to see how it looks and how much code it would take. But in the way I found out that Ruby might not be the best option for this kind of situations.

Let me explain it, this is my pseudo code:

As you can see, the OrderSet has a collection of Order classes, but classes!! Not instances, because in the real application I will have hundred of Orders and I don't want to instantiate a new object for each one of them.

So to keep the memory load very low I handle classes, in that way I can control them, instantiate them and destroy them as much as I want.

Now, I tried to write it in Ruby, but I found out that there's no easy way to add metadata at a class level!!
The closest approach to it that I could find is instance-oriented. I would need a new instance of every Order to make it work....sad.