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Review: Weekly Experiment: Standing desk

After a week trying this new setup for working, here the results.

The rules:
  • During mornings sitting will be the default
  • During afternoons standing will be the default
  • During lunch-time standing will be the default

The control:

  • Did it have any physical effect? 
    • A big physical effect, the body feels better, although there were some small pains after the first days
  • Did it have any food/drink related effect?
    • Clearly, I consumed much less sugared drinks, not even coffee, and the body didn't ask for it.
  • Did it have any sleep-related effect?
    • Not sure if related to this single event, but I've been sleeping better.
  • Did it affect in any way productivity and awareness?
    • This was the biggest effect, procrastination decreased, interactions increased, awareness increase, hence productivity increased as well.
Result:  This is a must-do practice, I'm going to extend it to full work-days and not only in the afternoons, the effects have been so noticeable that I can't avoid feeling weird by sitting down.