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Alpine Vm Installation

For a long time I’ve been a Linux user of different distributions, mainly for development or testing new things. During the last few years Ubuntu was the usual selection, it’s a Debian derivative and has most of the packages that you can think of.

But as time passes by, things change, needs change. Ubuntu was not really a nice fit for my needs:

  • Simplicity
  • Stability
  • Robustness

As a frequent Docker user Alpine has always been stable, reliable and incredibly small. So I’ve defined to change my development Virtual Machines to Alpine and test their behavior under a much more simpler environment.

Alpine Linux
Alpine Linux logo

The results are outstanding, without sacrificing performance, stability or portability, all the applications are working really well, even under the mandatory [load tests][5].

If you are working with Virtual Machines, consider Alpine as a default distribution, it’s fast, small and reliable.